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SMARTNOBLE is a famous brand serving in the defense and military industries since 2008,
producing and supplying the mil-std components, sub-systems and equipment to Land, Naval and aerospace,
it owns one R&D center and two factories: CNC&Assembly factory and PCBA&EMS factory,
total employees over 1000persons with 200 R&D engineers.
With ISO9001 and TS16949 enterprise management, our manufactories have been dedicated in the supreme quality
and performance products to meet your demand.
Our features products are as follow: 
Military Personal Equipment, Military Aviation&UAV-drone, Military Land Vehicle, and Naval Ship Parts. 
1. Plugs&Receptacles,Push-pull Connectors, and Cables assembly.
2. Nickel Battery and Battery Packs for Radars, Tanks and Armored Vehicles, Lithium Batteries for individual equipment,   
    Thermal Batteries for Weapon Systems, and Starter Power Supply.
3. Foldable and Movable Satcom Flyaway Antenna, with microwave components.
4. Mil-STD Fire Suppression Systems with its Cylinders, Valves&Relief Valves, Manometers, Nozzles, Quick Couplings etc.
5. Electrical Compoents: Antenna, Circuit Boards, Chips, Super Capacitors, Protective Fuses, Sensors, Vehicle Lights etc.
6. Special Materials: Customized moulded carber fiber parts and Special High-performance Ceramics.
7. Test Equipment: Vibration Test System(Shaker), High-low Temperature or Climate Chamber, Anechoic Chamber,
    Salt fog tester, Air Tightness Tester (Water-proof Tester), etc.
8. Night Vision, thermal sights, Thermal Binocular, Multi-functional vision with GPS positioning.
Welcome to inquiry and we will be your nice partner in the fields of defense and aviation.


Research and development team

Our research and development team is made up of professors and advanced engineers.

Modern research environment

We have modern R & D conditions and testing equipment. Raw material analysis and testing, synthesis process tracking, performance analysis and testing are available.

Production capacity

A 10000 square meter production factory has been built, with a production team composed of material engineers, process engineers and quality inspection engineers. 

Quick Response

We have strong team of R&D and Production Capability



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