Shocking Absorption Coatings

Shocking Absorption Coatings

Shocking Energy Absorption Coatings is a special absorbed material, which can effectively reduce the vibration of equipment, prevent noise and provide excellent corrosion protection. Shocking energy absorption coatings can transform the mechanical energy of the equipment into heat energy to reduce vibration and noise.
Loss factor(-10~50℃) 0.7-2.92
Composite loss factor(-10~50℃)   0.24
Flame retardancy 37%
Adhesion >5MPa
Salt fog test >1500h
Density 1.1g/cm3

  • Shocking Absorption Coatings


Shocking Energy Absorption Coatings is mainly used for active cabins and where produce vibration and noise. such as meeting rooms, living quarters, dining rooms and so on.



  • Excellent performance
    The loss factor between -10℃ and 50℃ is more than 1, the max. can be up to 2.92.
  • Excellent vibration reduction and noise reduction
    Average vibration and noise reduction at 15dB-20dB.
  • Good sound insulation
    Sound insulation of 6mm thick coating is 34dB.
  • Excellrnt anti corrosion
    Salt fog test is more than 2000h.
  • Security
  • Convenient construction

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