SN930MA Cooled Thermal Imaging Binocular Thermal Image

SN930MA Cooled Thermal Imaging Binocular Thermal Image

Product Introduction(Thermal Image)
The S930MA Thermal Binocular feature a compact, user-friendly design ,making them perfect for both military and security applications, including infantry squads, special forces, forward observers, border and coastal patrols, elite gendarme and police units and more.This binoculars can be used in various harsh environment with dust, smoke, fog, haze or other battlefield obscurants.

Thermal Image The Main Feature
High sensitivity
• Ultra-long-range observation
• Motorized continuous zoom
• IP67
• Binocular OLED display
• Photo&Video record
• Digital magnetic compass
• Laser range finder
• CCD & Thermal Channel

S930MACooled Thermal Imaging Camera
  Item Spec  
  Type MCT Cooled  
  Spectral range 3 ~ 5 µm  
  Resolution 640×512  
  Pixel Pitch 15µm  
  NETD 30mk@25  
  Focal Length 30~240mm Optical Continuous Zoom  
  F 4  
  FOV 2.3° ×1.8° ~ 18.3° ×14.7° (±5%)  
  Gain / Brightness Auto/Manual  
  Calibration Automatically Calibration at startup  
  Manually Calibration during operation  
  Enhancement Yes  
  Image Filtering Yes  
  Polarity Black-hot / White-hot  
  Focus Motorized Focusing  
  Internal Storage Type Built-in memory card 8GB (up to 32GB optional)
  File Type Image & Video
  Format JPG&AVI
  Storage Image 1000 Video 2 h
  Display mode Binocular OLED display, resolution 800×600  
  Eyepiece diopter -4~+4  
  Positioning system GPS  
  AccuracyRMC Lng & Lat : 5m elevation: 10m
  DMS Horizontal range: 360° Pitching: ±40°
  Laser range finder Angle accuracy (RMS) Azimuth: 0.6° pitch angle: 0.3°
  Wave band 1.55 µm (Safe for eyes)
  Ranging 50m~8Km
  Accuracy 2m(Target > 50m)
  Accurate probability 96%
  Frequency 10 times/min
  RMS 30m(@8Km)  
  Sensor 1/3HAD CCD  
  Resolution 795×596  
  Minimum illumination 0.05 Lux  
  Resolution 600 TVL  
  Focal length f=100mm,F=2.6  
  FOV 2.85°×2.13°(±5%  
  Working Temp -30℃~55  
  Storage Temp -40℃~65  
  Protection class IP67  
  Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery  
  Working Time > 4 hours (@25)  
  Weight 4Kg  
  Dimension 278×250× 110mm  
  External Power Yes  
  Video output PAL  
  Date transmission USB  
  Communication RS232  
  Tripod interface 3/4"-20-UNC  
Detection distance Human1.7×0.5m 13000m  
Car2.3×2.3m 18000m  
Recognition distance Human1.7×0.5m 4200m  
Car2.3×2.3m 6000m  


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