High Frequency Laser Ranging | Laser Rangefinder

High Frequency Laser Ranging | Laser Rangefinder

Performance & Characteristics | High Frequency Laser Ranging
Semoconductor pumped eye-safe laser
Repetition frequency can reach 20 Hz.
Long range and high reliability.


High Frequency Laser Ranging Product description

RFS-376 high-frequency laser ranging module uses semiconductor pump laser as the light source,
which can achieve high repetition frequency laser output, used to accurately and reliably measure the distance.
The main application areas include: shipboard, airborne, vehicle-mounted, shore-based photoelectric fire control system, photoelectric reconnaissance system, photoelectric monitoring system, photoelectric measurement system.

Technical index

Wavelength 1.57μm

Maximum range
300m20km (large targets under good weather conditions)

15km for 3*5m target
Ranging accuracy ±5m

Repeat frequency

1Hz working mode: continuous operation.

5Hz working mode: continuous working for 10 minutes, cooling for 1 minute.

20Hz working mode: continuous working for 1 minute and cooling f or 1 minute.
Size ≤230×150×130mm
Weight ≤2.0Kg
Operating tempera ture -40℃~+60

High repetition frequency, long working distance, high measuremen t accuracy, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability

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