Fiber Optic Ranging | Laser Range Finder

Fiber Optic Ranging | Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder
Performance & Characteristics

Eye-safe laser.
Small size and light weight.
Fast heat dissipation and low loss.
Strong environmental adaptability.


Laser Range Finder

SN-603x series fiber laser ranging module uses rare earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium to output eye-safe laser, which is small in size, light in weight, high in reliability and easy for system integration. Mainly used in photoelectric reconnaissance, photoelectric fire control, photoelectric monitoring, photoelectric measurement and other fields.
Technical index
  RFS-6030A RFS-6030B RFS-6031 RFS-6032
Wavelength 1550±20nm      
Minimum range 50m      
  ≥15km ≥3km ≥8km ≥6km
Maximum range (Ship: 20×70 (UAV: 0.3×0.3 (Vehicle: 2.3×2. (Vehicle: 2.3×2.
  m) m) 3m) 3m)
Divergence angle 0.6mrad 0.3±0.1mrad 0.3±0.1mrad 0.3±0.1mrad
Repeat frequency 1Hz 5Hz 1Hz 1Hz
Ranging accuracy ±5m ±2m ±2m ±2m
Accurate rate ≥98%      
False alarm rate ≤2%      
Ranging logic With the first and last target output function      
Size(L×W×H) 95×51×64mm 95×51×64mm 91×49×45mm 91×53×42mm
Weight ≤200g ≤200g ≤160g ≤150g

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