Erbium glass laser ranging | Laser range finder

Erbium glass laser ranging | Laser range finder

Performance and Characteristics
Eye-safe laser.

Small size.
Light weight.
High reliability.

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Laser Range Finder Product description

The RFS-6271 series erbium glass laser ranging module uses an erbium-doped glass laser as a
light source, which can achieve a low-gain laser output and is used to accurately measure the target.
Mainly used for distance measurement of medium and long-range targets.
Technical index
  RFS-6271-20 RFS-6271-30 RFS-6271-40
Wavelength 1.54μm
Maximum range ≥12km ≥14km ≥16km
Ranging accurac y ±2m
Repeat frequenc y




Weight ≤135g ≤160g ≤200g
Operating tempe rature -40℃~+60

Small size, light weight, high accuracy, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability

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