SN-6244B Handheld Multifunctional Laser Range finder

SN-6244B Handheld Multifunctional Laser Range finder

Main Function | Laser Range Finder
Binocular observation
Laser Ranging
Electronic compass
GPS/Beidou positioning
Data output



SN-6244B Laser Range Finder Device list
No. Name Qty Remarks
1 Multi-functional laser range finder 1 1


Standby Battery

rechargeable battery
3 Charger 1  
4 Communication cable 1 1
Main Specification
(1)Laser Rangefinder
Wavelength:1570±20 nm
Range capability:100m~10km
Ranging accuracy:±5m
Magnification: 6×
Field of view:6°
(2)Electronic compass
Azimuth accuracy: 1°
Elevation accuracy: 1°
Locating accuracy:<10m
(4)Data output interface
Built-in four 18650 batteries or external DC 14.8V~16.8V power
(6)Working temperature
(7)Volume and Weight
≤ 226mm(L)×206mm(W)×95mm(H)
≤ 1.8kg


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