S750MH Uncooled Thermal Imaging Binocular Thermal Image

S750MH Uncooled Thermal Imaging Binocular Thermal Image

Product Introduction(Thermal Image)
S750MH is a multi-functional handheld thermal binocular, wildly used in 24/7 surveillance, capture and evidence gathering. Operated in harsh enviorment, With shock and vibration resistance features achieved S750MH the ideal choice for observing applications such as day&night surveillance, law enforcement, tracking, etc.

The Main Feature(Thermal Image)
• Fast auto-focus
• Binocular OLED display
• Photo&Video record
• Motorized focus
• IP67
• Digital magnetic compass
• Laser range finder
• CCD & Thermal channel
•1-meter drop resistant

S750MHUncooled Thermal Imaging Camera 
  Items S750MH  
  Detector Type Uncooled FPA microbolometer  
  Wavelength 8-14μm  
  Pixel 384×288  
  Frame frequency 50Hz  
  Field of View 9°×6.7°  
  NETD ≤100mk@30℃  
  Focus Auto/Manual  
  Screen OLED,800×600  
  Screen(CCD) 1/3ʺCCD,795(H)×596(V)  
  Field of View(CCD) 9°×6.7°  
  Storage Card Flash Memory  
  Storage Mode Photo/Video record  
  File format BMP/AVI  
  Storage Capacity >10000/2 hours video  
  Gain/Brightness adjustment Manual/Automatic  
  Image Polarity Black hot/White hot  
  Electronic zoom(CCD) X2,X3,X4  
  Image enhancement Yes  
  Positioning system GPS  
  Positioning accuracy Longitude&latitude 5m, sea level 10m
  Electrical compass Angle accuracy Azimuth 0.6°,pitching angle0.3°

Laser range finder
Working baudrate 1.55μm(eye safe)
Distance 20m~2km
Accuracy ≤2M
Recognition distance ≤30M
Lateral rate ≥96%
Working frequency 3/min(10/min under urgent situation)
  Object positioning accuracy ±2m(within 1km),±5m(1km-2km)  
  Battery Type Li-lon,rechargeable  
  Battery work time <5 H  
  Operating temperature -30℃~50℃  
  Storage temperature -40℃~70℃  
  Humidity ≤90%  
  Encapsulation IP67  
  Weight ≤1.6kg  
  Color Black  
  Size 210(L)mm×195(W)mm× 85(H)mm  
  Power Yes  
  Interface 1/4"-20-UNC  
Detection distant People(1.7×0.5)m 1900m  
Car(2.3×2.3)m 2700m  
Recognition distant People(1.7×0.5)m 600m  
Car(2.3×2.3)m 900m  


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