SN25X Uncooled Thermal Monocular

SN25X Uncooled Thermal Monocular

Military Thermal Monocular
Main Features

●New design for exterior, button and eyepiece, more comfortable and convenient to operate.
●Domestically developed detector with high sensitivity (640*480/384 *288, 17μm).
●HD display screen with resolution 1280x960 for higher display range and image magnification.
●Live transmission through WIFI, APP real-time photographing, recording, motion alarm, thermal camera control and other operations on smartphone.
●Various lens for optional to meet different needs.
●Built-in distance estimation function.
●Built-in reticle and picture-in-picture function, more easy to observe and aim.
●Support APP wireless to upgrade the thermal imaging host program.

Military Thermal Monocular
SMARTNOBLE is a famous brand of defense and military industries, we supply the mil-std components and equipment to Land, Naval and aerospace.Thermal sight .You can visit our website and leave relevant information.
SMARTNOBLE is a famous brand of defense and military industries, we supply the mil-std components and equipment to Land, Naval and aerospace.
With ISO9001 and TS16949 enterprise management, our manufactories have been dedicated in the high quality and high performance products to meet your demand.
Our features products are as follow:
1. Plugs&Receptacles, Couplings and Connectors, and Cables for Military Vehicles
2. Nickel Battery and Battery Packs for Radars, Tanks and Armored Vehicles, Lithium Batteries for individual equipment,   
    Thermal Batteries for Weapon Systems, and Starter Power Supply.
3. Foldable and Movable Satcom Flyaway Antenna, with microwave components.
4. Fire Suppression Systems with its Cylinders, Valves&Relief Valves, Manometers, Nozzles, Quick Couplings etc.
5. Electrical Compoents: Antenna, Circuit Boards, Chips, Super Capacitors, Protective Fuses, Sensors, Vehicle Lights etc.
6. Special Materials: Customized moulded carber fiber parts and Special High-performance Ceramics.
7. Test Equipment: Vibration Test System(Shaker), High-low Temperature or Climate Chamber, Anechoic Chamber,
    Salt fog tester, Air Tightness Tester (Water-proof Tester), etc.
Welcome to inquiry and we will be your nice partner in the defense industry.
S253 S256
Type Uncooled FPA  
Array size 384x288 640x480
FOV 14°x10.5° 17.7°x13.3°
Focal Length 25mm 35mm
NETD 80mk@30°C  
Frame rate 50HZ  
Focus Fixed  
Digital Zoom 2X, 3X, 4X  
Spectral range 8-14pm  
Image Transmission Live transmission through WIFI, APR real-time browsing, recording,
photographing, playback and other operations on smartphone
Crosshair Yes  
Hot spot tracking Yes  
Laser Indicator Yes  
Picture-in-picture Yes  
Ranging Yes  
Display 1280*960 Color screen  
Polarity Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot
Diopter adjustment Yes  
Battery type Li-ion, rechargeable  
Working Time 5 Hours continuous operation
Charging Type USB charging and power bank support
External power DC5V/2A (Micro USB)  
Operation temperature -20C-+50'C  
Storage temperature -40C-+60C  
IP ratings IP66  
Drop resistance 1 M  
Weight <0.5Kg  
Dimension <190*70*70mm  
Power interface Yes  
Video output PAL  
USB For external charging  
Human 800m 1100m
Vehicle 1100m 1500m
Human 400m 550m
Vehicle 550m 750m

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