SN-TI-LRF-26 hand-held multifunction cooled thermal camera

SN-TI-LRF-26 hand-held multifunction cooled thermal camera

  1. Product Description
SN-TI-LRF-26 hand-held multifunction cooled thermal camera is a high-performance, multi-functional refrigeration infrared reconnaissance equipment, which integrates reconnaissance, ranging, positioning, orientation and other functions. It can be used to go out and approach the battlefield around, find out the enemy's situation, terrain, observe the observation target and shooting effect, etc.
  1. Performance and Characteristics
Infrared imaging, visible light through fog/color imaging, human eye safety laser ranging.
Compass orientation, GPS/Beidou positioning, target positioning.
Double eye OLED display, eyepiece diopter Adjustment, friendly human-computer interface.
Photographing, video recording, playback and video output.


Thermal Camera Technical index

1.Thermal Channel
Sensor Type: Cooled detector.
Resolution: 640 x 512.
Spectral Range: 3 ~ 5 µm.
FOV: WFoV: 7°x5.2° ~ NFoV: 2.3°x1.7°, continuous zoom.
Cooldown time: ≤ 6 min.
2.TV Channel
Sensor Type: High Definition Color CMOS.
Pixel Format: 2 Megapixels.
FOV: WFoV: 7°x5.2° ~ NFoV: 1.8°x1.3°, continuous zoom.
Fog penetration: yes, when visibility≤4km, the fog penetration ratio is 1.5.
Thermal Channel
Detection ≥ 5000 m.
Recognition ≥ 3500 m.
Detection ≥ 12000 m.
Recognition ≥ 8000 m.
TV channel
Detection ≥ 5000 m.
Recognition ≥ 3500 m.

Detection ≥ 12000 m.
Recognition ≥ 8000 m.
4.Laser Range Finder
Big target: ≥ 10000m. Vehicle: ≥ 8000m.
High Definition OLED with 1280 x 1024.
6.Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment:-4°~ +4°.
7.Global Positioning System
Built in GPS/Beidou positioning module.
Positioning Accuracy: horizontal: 0.53M (CEP), elevation: 0.42m (PE).
8.Target Positioning
Support the function of target positioning. When the observation distance is 3km, the target positioning accuracy is 3.0m (CEP).
9.Magnetic azimuth angle measurement
Support the function of Magnetic azimuth angle measurement. Accuracy: 0.12°.
10.Image And Video Storage.
Not less than 1000 pcs JPEG format picture or four (4) hours video storage.
Battery powered: continuous working time ≥ 6 hours.
External power supply Mode: yes.
12.Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions ≤ 290*200*90mm
Weight ≤ 3.3kg (including battery and eye mask).
13.Protection level:IP68.
14.Environmental adaptability
Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +55℃ S
torage temperature: -55℃ ~ +70℃

Item List

No Item Quantity
1 Thermal Imager 1
2 Chargerinclude adapter 1
3 Batteries 8
4 Cables 1
5 Carry bag 1
6 Storage Case 1
7 Tripod(Optional) 1
8 Operation and maintenance manual 1
9 Cleaning Kits 1

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