Elastomer Anti-explosion Coatings

Elastomer Anti-explosion Coatings

Elastomer Anti-explosion Coatings is a kind of special protective material in the field of national defense and military industry. The tensile strength is more than 30MPa, elongation at break is up to 1000%, and its flexibility is better than steel. Impact resistance is 20times than general wall. Under the strong explosion, the wall protected by elastomer anti-explosion coatings will deform, but it will not break. Spray on the surface of bunkers and buildings, which can resist the shock wave and debris of explosives. Spray on the surface of special vehicles, bullet proof helmets and shields, which can enhance the bullet proof and impact resistance.
Impact resistance     1.5kg/m
Solid content     100%
Coagulation time     10-25s
Tensile strength   >30MPa
Elongation at break 200-500%
Tear strength 140N/mm
Adhesion >12MPa
Anti-abrasion(750/500r)     <25mg
Salt fog test(2000h) without rust
Hardness 90-95
Aging(2000h) Good
Density   1.05-1.30g/cm3
Color   Customized is available

  • Elastomer Anti-explosion Coatings
  • Elastomer Anti-explosion Coatings


Elastomer anti-explosion coatings can be used in metal, concrete, ceramics and composite materials for protecting, especially for the anti explosion and anti impact of military vehicles, drones, helicopters, anti-explosion vehicle and walls of military factories. It can be widely used in anti explosion of military to effectively deal with emergencies such as terrorist attacks.


  • Super protection
    With high toughness and high strength, it can effectively protect against the damage of explosion and bullets.
  • Good adhesion
    Suitable for metal, concrete and other materials, with adhesion more than 12MPa.
  • Good weatherability
    It can be used outdoors for a long time.
  • Environmental friendly
    High strength, high elongation, high tear strength and impact resistance.
  • Environmental friendly
    Without VOC Rapid prototyping 10-25S.

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