Heavy-duty Anti corrosion Coatings

Heavy-duty Anti corrosion Coatings

Heavy-duty Anti corrosion Coatings is a new type of super anti-corrosion material. It can spray on the surface of the material to form a high density protective film. It can effectively isolate the external water and oxygen in the air to achieve the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. It can resist acid and alkali, and greatly improve the service life of the protected equipment.
Impact resistance     1.5kg/m
Solid content     100%
Coagulation time     20-45s
Tensile strength   ≤35MPa
Elongation at break ≤500%
Tear strength 150N/mm
Adhesion 12-17MPa
Anti-abrasion(750/500r)     <25mg
Salt fog test(2000h) without rust
Hardness 60-98
Aging(2000h) Good
Density   1.05-1.30g/cm3
Color   Customized is available

  • Heavy-duty Anti corrosion Coatings



Heavy-duty anti corrosion coatings have excellent acid and alkali resistance, salt fog resistance and anti-aging performance. It can be used for anti-corrosion treatment of sewage pipes, gas pipes, drinking water pipes, oil pipes, chemical pipes, steel tank and ships.


Main Features

  • Strong anti corrosion
    The coating is sealed. It can withstand the erosion of seawater, acid, alkali and salt.
  • Good adhesion
    Suitable for metal, concrete and other materials, with adhesion more than 12MPa.
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Impact resistance
    High strength, high elongation, high tear strength and impact resistance
  • Environmental friendly
    100% solid content, no solvent and formaldehyde

Soaking test(More than 2000h)

Name Test result Name  Test result
Acetic acid(10%) Good NH4NO3 Good
HCl(10%) Good Gasoline Good
H2SO4(20%) Good Diesel oil Good
H3PO4(10%) Good kerosene Good
citric acid Good crude oil Good
lactic acid Good and slight fading Hydraulic oil Good
NaOH(20%) Good Antifreeze Good
NaOH(50%) Good and slight fading xylene Good and slight fading
KOH(10%) Good N-hexane Good
KOH(20%) Good and slight fading Isopropyl alcohol Good
NH4OH(20%) Good    

Performance Comparison

Comparison with traditional materials
  Petroleum asphalt polyethylene Heavy-duty Anti corrosion Coatings
Mechanical properties bad good good
Salt fog test bad good good
anti-oxidation bad good good
Construction and maintenance difficult difficult easy
Environmental Frienfly No yes yes
Working temperature℃ 5~80 -30~110 -50~120
Service life 20years 30years 50years

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