Structure Reinforcement Coatings

Structure Reinforcement Coatings

Structure Reinforcement Coatings is composed of high polymer and functional resin.  It is a new polymer material with the advantages of plastics, rubber, coating and FRP. It has impact resistance, high tensile strength, high elongation, excellent abrasion resistance, anti-aging and chemical anti-corrosion.
Impact resistance     2kg/m
Solid content     100%
Coagulation time     10-25s
Tensile strength   >30MPa
Elongation at break 600%~1000%
Tear strength 120N/mm
Adhesion >12MPa
Anti-abrasion(750/500r)     <20mg
Salt fog test(2000h) without rust
Hardness 80-90
Aging(2000h) Good
Density   1.05-1.30g/cm3
Color   Customized is available

  • Structure Reinforcement Coatings


Structure Reinforcement Coatings are suitable for mechanical equipment, transportation vehicles, bridge structures, municipal engineering, pipeline containers, construction tunnels, power towers. It is widely used in national defense, military industry, aerospace, mechanical equipment, high-speed rail, marine, petrochemical and construction engineering.


  • Strong impact resistance
    Excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength and elongation
  • Good anti corrosion      
    Excellent anti-abrasion, anti-aging, chemical anti-corrosion and waterproof.
  • Adaptable
    It can provide protective coating for metal, concrete, glass fiber and wood.
  • Environmental friendly    
    100% solid content, no solvent and formaldehyde
  • Rapid prototyping
    It can be prototypied after spraying for 20 seconds, not limited by thickness. High temperature baking process is not required.

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