Unleash Connectivity with SMARTNOBLE's D03 Data & RC Link

Unleash Connectivity with SMARTNOBLE's D03 Data & RC Link

Introducing SMARTNOBLE's D03 Data & RC Link, a versatile transmission device capable of simultaneously transmitting remote control and data signals. Enhance ground-based remote control signals while transmitting data to airborne devices. Addressing short-distance and low-quality signal issues, the D03 operates in the 900MHz frequency band with a transmission range of up to 60km. Experience compact design, high integration, and remarkable sensitivity for seamless communication.

D03 Data & RC Link
D03 is a data link transmission device that can transmit both remote control signals and data signals simultaneously.
The renote control signal at the ground end can be enhanced and sent to the airborne end together with the data signal.
It is mainly usad to solve the problem of the short distance and low transmission quality of the remote control signal and the data transmission signal.
003 works in the 900MHz frequency band. and the transmission range can reach 30km, max 60km. Compact size, high integration, high sensilisily.

Product Features
Telemetry data link and RC link in one
Long range control
50km transmission range with 0 package loss
Strong diffraction and penetration ability
TTL or RS232 for choice

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