Unleash Command and Control Excellence with SMARTNOBLE's T26 GCS

Unleash Command and Control Excellence with SMARTNOBLE's T26 GCS

Experience military-grade command and control with SMARTNOBLE's T26 portable platform. Integrating Panasonic FZ-M1 and video/data/RC links, its sunlight-readable display ensures usability in various environments. Boasting 16 channels, Windows 10 OS, and robust hardware, it offers versatile control and scalability. Designed to endure tough conditions, the T26 is water and dust-proof, perfect for military operations. Elevate your control capabilities with SMARTNOBLE's GCS technology.  


The T26 is a military-grade portable command and control platform that combines the high integration of the Panasonic FZ-M1 with a video&data&RC link. Its sunlight-readable, multi-touch display ensures visibility even in bright outdoor conditions, enhancing usability in various environments.

With 16 channels, it offers versatility and flexibility in controlling multiple devices. The system runs on the Windows 10 operating system, providing a familiar and user- friendly interface. The strong hardware enables scalability, ensuring high-performance operation and accommod ating future upgrades.

With its rugged design, the T26 is built to withstand harsh environments. It is water and dust-proof, providing reliability and durability in challenging conditions. This makes it particularly well-suited for military operations where robustness and resilience are essential.

Product Features

Performance upgrade

*Integration of panasonic is three computer FZ - M1 

*The original 10 Windows system

**Intel core processors

*Sunshine can video, brightness 800 CD/ m

*IP65 rating

Perfect remote control experience

*Double hall rocker

*Double round rocker

*Light alloy buttons

Big long battery life

*Battery capacity is 3220 mah + 6800 mah

*Remote sensing length test about9h

*The web browsing time about12 h

Modelling design

*Aviation aluminum alloy shell, strong and lightweight 

*Product the total weightis only1.5 kg

*Around with soft rubber, skid rstance to knock against

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