This system scheme is a set of UAV one which is customized aiming at aerial real-time video surveillance scenarios and is a UAV video surveillance patrol scheme with onboard AI computing power. The scheme consists of four parts: the sky end, the relay end, the ground end and the remote end. The high stability pod video in the air is transmitted back in the 100 km range in real time and supports extended cloud live broadcast to realize automatic identification and detection, box selection reminder and locked tracking, etc. of specific targets such as people and vehicles.

Introduction of SN-39V-EUAV UAV
SN-39V-EUAV electric-gasoline hybrid vertical VTOLsx fixed-wing UAV has a maximum take-off weight of 39kg. Its fixed-wing part adopts a layout of high aspect ratio high-wing, inverted V-shaped tail, double-boom and rear propeller, and its four-rotor part is combined with the double-boom of the fixed-wing part. The UAV has the VTOL ability of the four-rotor aircraft and the fast cruising ability of the fixed-wing aircraft. It can adapt to various complex take-off and landing environments. It adopts a 3-redundancy safe flight control autopilot, which is stable and reliable. It can be equipped with a series of high-precision 3-axis mechanical stability augmentation pod system. The innovative pod-excusive touch terminal reduces the manipulation difficulty of locking and tracking movement target and can efficiently complete the job task in the patrol and tracking application.
Performance index of VTOL UAV
Item Parametric description Item Parametric description
Aircraft category VTOL composite wing UAV Power system 3W70 engine
Boundary dimension
4m x 2.2m x 0.6m

Service ceilling

Aircraft material Aviation composite material Cruising speed 75-100km/h
Take-off and landing mode
Anti-wind capability (head-on wind)
Class 6
Maximum take-off weight

Time of endurance

Load 0.5-10kg Carrying case size
1.7m × 0. 6m × 0. 7m
Effective operating radius

Operating frequency

Starting mode of oil drive engine
Automatic electrical starting


3-redundancy sensor
Flight control function Supports functions such as automatic return in case of loss of communication, no-fly zone, electronic fence and black box, etc.
External interface RS232、RJ45USBSDIHDMI、S-BUS
Parameter configuration and introduction of 3-redundancy flight control unit of four in one avionics
The flight control autopilot is a 3-redundancy autopilot designed for small electric composite wing UAV. It adopts high-performance sensors and is tested by conditions such as harsh temperature, air pressure and environmental stress, etc., which is stable and reliable. It integrates L1 nonlinear and total energy control algorithms and supports extended RTK centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

Item Parametric description Item Parametric description

Gyroscope range

GPS positioning accuracy <0.5m
Accelerated velocity range
GPS update frequency
Static pressure sensor
Difference GPS positioning accuracy <2cm
Data storage 4GB Height resolution <0.1m
Optional external IMU
Aerial photo POS data

Extension & interface
Support speed acquisition; temperature acquisition; support CAN bus; PWM interface: 10 channels output 2 channels acquisition; analog signal: 4 channels 12bit (support extension); S-BUS bus: 1 channel input 1 channel output; serial port: 3 channels.
Operating condition Voltage: 6~26V/ Power dissipation<10w=; Ambient temperature: -20℃~70℃/ Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃.
Earth station system Microsoft Windows 7 32/64 bits; Microsoft Windows 8 32/64 bits; Microsoft Windows 10 32/64 bits.
Weight Flight control navigation module: 99g; GPS module: 41g.

Flight control navigation module: 88*79*23mm;GPS module: 55mm (diameter)*13mm (height)

Parameter configuration and introduction of data link (relay-ground receiving end) of four in one avionics

The data link (relay-ground receiving end) is a super-view-down, low-latency, HD image transmission and all-in- one machine. It adopts OFDM carrier technology, and the exclusive frequency band of the UAV is 1.4GHz. The image of the highest one 1080P/30 can be transmitted back in real time for 100km, and the air interface delay is up to 45ms. It supports image link, digital control link, differential GPS correction link and S-BUS link, etc. multi- channel integration, with the advantages of small size, light weight and high integration.

Operating frequency band 1330~1390MHz Effective omnidirectional power
The farthest communication distance


Baud rate

Video input specifications


Antenna gain

Antenna interface

Video output interface

internal connection
Data link interface RS232*3,S_BUS
Operating voltage
Operating power dissipation

Operating ambient temperature


Air interface delay

Transmission carrier technology
Parameter configuration and introduction of RTK high accuracy positioning module of four in one avionics
The ZTRTK high-precision positioning module of four in one avionics includes RTK and PPK functions, RTK real-time output of centimeter-level accuracy positioning information, and high-precision heading and speed information, is suitable for application scenarios of high-precision positioning requirements. PPK can record satellite original positioning data and can store event information for post-processing to obtain high-precision positioning information.



Parametric description


Parametric description

Operatingfre quency

GPS: L1, L2; GLONASS: G1, G2; BD: B1, B2
Speed measurement accuracy (RMS)

Positioning accuracy
Horizontal ±1cm ;vertical ±2cm

Orientation accuracy

0.2/D°,D is the antenna distance, in m
Output frequency
Up to 20Hz (settable)

Power dissipation

Operating temperature
Parameter configuration and introduction of bifocal triaxial 30X visible light plus infrared light pod load

This is a 3-axis 30x visible light zoom stabilization augmentation PTZ. The 3-axis pod designed for the fixed-wing effectively solves the original image rotation problem of the 2-axis fixed-wing pod. It is still highly stable in high- speed flight mode. Stability accuracy reaches 0.01 degrees. Optical 30x zoom, even in the height of 100 meters can still clearly see the face and license plate. Infrared thermal imaging camera supports black hot and white hot multiple display color modes. The product has a one-button back/one-key vertical function of PTZ, as well as follow mode and independent mode. With the tracking and recognition module, the car and the person in the video can be accurately identified, and the tracking can be selected autonomously.
Weight 630g Diameter 110mm
Operating voltage 22V~26V Height 160mm
Operating ambient temperature
-20°C ~ 70°C

Power dissipation


3-axis mechanical stabilization augmentation
Internal storage

Heading angle 360°x N Pitch angle ﹢45°~-135°
Visiable light camera 30x optical zoom Stabilization accuracy 0.01°
Visible light CMOS Starlight-level sensor Visiable light focal length From 4.3mm to 129mm

Visiable light FOV

Visiable light video resolution 1080P(30fps)

Infrared image element


Infrared type
Uncooled vanadium oxide focal plane

Infrared camera FOV

Infrared camera focal length
Video interface SDI/AV Data interface CAN/RS232/S-BUS
Recognition and trace function Artificial intelligence is used to intelligently identify people and vehicles and real- time tracking is achieved.
Ground touch control system
An extremely important function of the pod is to track dynamic targets. The separation of remote control and video are not very convenient for tracking dynamic targets or emergency situations. A long training period is required so that the operator can capture dynamic targets.
e c h n i c a l
Wireless connection Battery Internal battery


touch screen

Time of endurance

≥3 hours (internal battery) Can be externally powered
Special functions Single touch to lock the target, smart follow

p a r a m e t e r s
4G function is integrated, can broadcast live video of UAV in the cloud

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