Temperature | humidity | vibration Shaker Multi-function Test Equipment & Shaker system

Temperature | humidity | vibration Shaker Multi-function Test Equipment & Shaker system

Product Application
Temperature | humidity | vibration three integrated test chamber is a multi-functional test equipment & shaker system, it will be temperature, humidity climate stress test and vibration and other mechanical stress measurement test integrated. Experimental system work, the (high or low temperature, temperature changes) stress, humidity stress, vibration stress and electrical stress in accordance with the specifications of the combination of ways and periodic space, at the same time or separately applied to the sample with a single stress compared to the advantages of a more realistic environmental simulation, higher test efficiency.
Note:Custom sizes and configurations available.

Shaker System | Performance Features
•Dual refrigeration system with superior cooling performance
•Computer dynamically monitors the operating system of the test chamber and automatically starts
after the power failure is restored, thus reducing the downtime
•Composite test of vibration, temperature, humidity and other comprehensive environments
•Advanced touch screen control, easy to edit the program
•Removable test chamber bottom plate design, and a variety of electrodynamic shaker supporting
•Insulation treatment of multi-layer observation window, wide view

Main Technical Parameters
Climate chamber volume (L): 225~10000
Humidity range(R.H): 20~98%
Temperature range(℃): -70~180
Temperature change rate(℃/min): 1~10
Matching shaker: ES full series
Temperature - Humidity - Vibration
The series integrated environmental test system is specially designed to complete the comprehensive test
requirements related to temperature, humidity and vibration, and is designed with the requirements of different
working conditions in mind, and is widely used for reliability tests, qualification tests and stress screening
tests in integrated environments that produce rapid temperature changes. In order to ensure that the integrated
system achieves optimal performance, we provide a complete integrated system for comprehensive environmental
testing. Users do not have to spend a lot of time, energy and money to put together a comprehensive system.


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