SN4K panoramic helmet nightvision

SN4K panoramic helmet nightvision

 SMARTNOBLE SN4K panoramic helmet nightvision
It comes with a battery pack that can use four 3-volt CR123A batteries, which can power the unit for approximately 50-80 hours (without IR on).

SMARTNOBLE SN4K panoramic helmet nightvision

1. Optical power 1X
2. Full field of view 120x50
3. Optical axis parallelism <0.1 degree
4. Image intensifier super second
generation resolution 57-64/60-72
5. Optical MTF120LP/mm
6. Optical coating: ultra-broadband multilayer optical anti-reflection film
7. Focus range 250mm-∞ 8. Focus mode

1. Only applicable to national military and law enforcement.
2. With ground panoramic night vision observation capability, the purpose of SN4K is to provide the user with more information in the night vision environment, so that he can faster through the OODA loop (observation, orientation, decision, action).
3. The most notable feature of YJ4K is that there are four independent image intensifier tubes and four independent objective lenses arranged in a panoramic direction. The two middle lenses point forward like traditional binocular night vision, giving the user more depth perception, while the other two lenses point slightly outward from the center to
increase peripheral vision. The two tubes on the right and the two tubes on the left are spliced and fused at the eyepiece. The user sees two central images overlapping with two outer images, resulting in an unprecedented 120° field of view.

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