SN-NF2 General FOG North Finder

SN-NF2 General FOG North Finder

Introduction | North Finder
SN-NF2 Series General FOG north finder is mainly composed of closed-loop FOG, inertial measurement unit, digital
signal processing unit and the mechanical part. It provides high precision true north azimuth information to the carriers.
Products are mainly used in static initial alignment of missile launch, weapon targeting, and direction control of radar,
antenna and armored vehicle, also can be used for coal mining, oil drilling, tunnel construction and geodesy.

Specification | North Finder

Parameters: SN-NF2A/ SN-NF2B /SN-NF2C
Gyro Type Single axis FOG or Gyro Type 3-axis FOG (Optional)
Dimension (mm): 178×178×160mm
Weight (Kg): 5.0Kg 4.5Kg 4Kg
Power supply: AC220V50Hz/AC110V60Hz/DC18V~36V
Power consumption: ≤15W
Start-up time: 5min
Working latitude: -65°~+65°
North seeking precision: 0.02°secψ 0.06°secψ 0.1°secψ
North seeking time: 5min
Heading angle measurement range: 0°~360°
Pitch angle measurement range: -65°~+65°
Output method: Universal RS422 serial interface, Can also be customized according to user
Operating temperature: -40~+60
Vibration environment: 20Hz~2000Hz6.06g
Impact environment: 8ms~11ms30g
Note Universal

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