SN-MG600 Vertical Tandem Rotor Unmanned Helicopter

SN-MG600 Vertical Tandem Rotor Unmanned Helicopter

The SN-MG600 Vertical Tandem Rotor Unmanned Helicopter is a medium-sized unmanned transport helicopter developed independently by our company. Its primary advantage lies in its vertically aligned rotors, which allow for convenient transportation and minimal space occupancy when the rotors are folded. This design ensures that the mission payload is not affected by landing gear interference. The direct benefit is a significantly improved loading capacity compared to traditional single-rotor helicopters. As it lacks the tail rotor power consumption found in single-rotor helicopters, it has a larger payload capacity. It achieves optimal performance at lower rotor disk loads, providing a wide range of longitudinal center of gravity, higher hover efficiency, and inherent advantages of smaller rotor diameters under the same load. The vertical tandem rotor helicopter exhibits strong crosswind resistance, offering substantial control margins even in high-wind environments. This model finds extensive applications in logistics transportation, emergency and disaster relief, forest firefighting, aerial mapping, aviation patrols, and more. Our company has also developed a dedicated parachute system for the SN-MG600, enhancing its overall safety during the entire descent.

SN-MG600 Vertical Tandem Rotor Unmanned Helicopter

【System composition】:
The Vertical Tandem Rotor Unmanned Helicopter consists of an engine transmission system, frame, reduction gearbox, two sets of swashplates, two sets of rotors, two sets of ejection parachutes, two sets of tilting pans, control servo, flight control unit, communication link, image transmission link, pod, ground station, ground workstation, transport vehicles, and more.

【Performance parameters】:
Total Takeoff Weight: 600kg
Total Payload: 300kg (including fuel)
Empty UAV Weight: 280kg
Cruising Speed: 90-120km/h
Maximum Speed: 160km/h
Fuel Tank Volume: 80L
Fuel Type: Gasoline above 95# (without ethanol)
Endurance: Standard tank 3 hours
Folded Transport Dimensions: Length 3695mm x Width 1450mm x Height 1692mm
Power: Aviation piston engine
Climb Rate: 4m/s
Parachute (Optional)
Parachute opening conditions: 
1. Aircraft attitude tilt angle greater than 40°
2. Descent rate greater than 10m/s
3. Manual parachute deployment command
Descent rate after parachute deployment: ≤8m/s

【Operating Environment】:
Day and night use:
Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Humidity: 15% - 95%
Practical Ceiling: 6000m
Wind Resistance Level: Takeoff and landing at 8m/s, cruise at 16m/s
Flight Modes: Manual Flight/Autonomous Route Flight
Payload Power Supply Capacity: 1500W (Continuous 24V Power Supply)

【Flight Control System】:

*SN-MG600 UAV Platform Flight Control System is a highly integrated,  redundant, reliable, and cloud-managed flight control system independently developed by our company. Each flight control system undergoes rigorous environmental adaptability testing. The system features a three-redundant attitude fusion sensor unit, dual-redundant flight control and planning unit, data recording unit, whole-machine status monitoring and fault identification unit, dual-redundant aerospace-grade onboard bus, mission management unit, 900M/3G composite data link, and cloud management platform.
*It integrates navigation-grade IMU combination unit, high-precision magnetic sensor, and high-precision GNSS module, with an attitude error of less than 0.2°. It supports GNSS/INS, AHRS/DR two navigation modes with automatic switching. The onboard bus system uses 2 CAN buses across various units. The 900M/3G composite data link automatically switches between local link and 3G data link, breaking through traditional data link distance limitations.
*It offers three flight control modes: manual, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous modes. The system provides status monitoring with functions for monitoring 4 temperature channels, 4 speed channels, 1 fuel channel, 2 vibration channels, and 2 voltage channels.
*For payload expansion, it has a payload management function based on the CAN bus, supporting up to 32 task nodes. Cloud access functionality enables data to be automatically backed up to the cloud service platform. The system records flight data for up to 30 hours in a loop.SN-MG500 Simulated Patient Transfer.
*The operating temperature range is from -40°C to +85°C.


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