SN-L7 Single Laser Sighting for Rifles

SN-L7 Single Laser Sighting for Rifles

Product Description
The SN-L7, a single laser sighting for rifles, is made to cope with different combat environments. Its outstanding advantage is the adjustable power, which can meet the needs of different brightness of combat environment, the high power of 5 to 10mW is suitable for the high power of 5-10mW is suitable for daytime or bright light conditions. The low power of 0.6 to 3.5 mW is suitable for use at night or in low light conditions.The low power of 0.6 to 3.5mW is suitable for use at night or in low light. It is easy to operate, just dial the gear spanner to switch between high and low power, instantly complete the tactical action, for the product is easy to operate and can be switched between high and low power with the flick of a wrench. The product is also waterproof, with IPX8 rating, and can work in harsh environments.It can work in harsh environments.

Use |  SN-L7 Single Laser Sighting

Specialised in aiding aiming when firing rifles and indicating movement in combat.

Suit for Gun Types

95, 95-1, 03, 79 and all equipment with Picatinny rails.

Product Features

Adjustable power to meet the needs of operational environments in different brightness levels.
Superb water resistance to IPX8.
Easy and convenient ballistic windage adjustment directly using the bottom edge of the cartridge case.
Designed for use with rifles and can also be used with all equipment equipped with Picatinny rails.

Technology Parameters

Material used : Aerospace aluminium 6061-T6
Laser wavelength : 532nm
Spot size : 2~3cm@(30m)
Laser power : low power 3-5mw, high power 8-12mw
Operating temperature : -20℃~+45℃
Endurance : ≥4.5h
attery type : Li-ion CR-123A 3.7V
Waterproof rating : IPX8
Dimension : 95(L)*35(W)*35(H)/mm
Net weight: 128.4g

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