SN 600-14580-01 Fakra Cable Connector Jack R/A

SN 600-14580-01 Fakra Cable Connector Jack R/A

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With innovative development technologies, superior quality, and competitive manufacturing cost, our products have been used for wireless  applications including GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CATV, GPS, satellite communication, base station, RF modules, high-frequency measurement equipment, as well as consumer products such as antennas, mobile phones, medical devices, home electronics, and RFID, etc. 

Technology Parameters | Cable Connector

1.1 Impedance: 50Ω +/-5Ω

1.2 Frequency: DC to 4 GHz

1.3 Return Loss: ≥ 25 dB, DC to 1 GHz

1.4 Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.1 x √f(GHz) dB

1.5 Center Contact Resistance: ≤5 mΩ

1.6 Outer Contact Resistance: ≤5 mΩ

1.7 Rated Voltage: 335Vrms

1.8 Rated Current: ≤ 1 A DC

1.9 Mating Cycles: ≥25 Times (Cycles)

2.0 Cable Rotation Force: ≥80N

2.0 Environmental Requirements: Meet RoHS

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