SN-420B Digital Closed Loop Dual Axis Fiber Optic

SN-420B Digital Closed Loop Dual Axis Fiber Optic

Product Introduction

As an interference type digital closed-loop dual-axis fiber optic gyroscope, SN-420B has the advantages of low cost, large working bandwidth, high resolution, small zero drift, high linearity, short starting time, impact resistance and vibratio

Technical Specifications

● All fiber optic technology: Long life, small size, high stability, anti-interference angle sensor
● IntelliProcess Technology: Built-in high-performance digital signal processing chip for full digital operation and adaptive filtering technology makes the gyro's zero drift and angular velocityrandom walk 50%-75% lower than similar products
● Integrated fiber polarization technology: reduces insertion loss, increases extinction ratio, and provides better resistance to temperature, mechanical shock and vibration for optical paths
● Compact and highly stable package: adapt to a variety of harsh environments. Widely applicable toall kinds of civil and military occasions
● QuickLaunch technology:Realize instant start-up ,No external calibration required
● Optimal operating wavelength: sensitivity is increased by nearly 50% with the same structure, size and cost
● Noise isolation and compression techniques: significantly reduce the angular velocity random walk
● SelfTrack technology:increase the dynamic range of the gyroscope


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