SMARTNOBLE T21 All-in-One Handheld GCS - Elevate Your Control

SMARTNOBLE T21 All-in-One Handheld GCS - Elevate Your Control

Discover the power of SMARTNOBLE's T21 All-in-One Handheld GCS, a portable industrial-grade ground computer station with independent dual SBUS design. Unleash functions like mission planning, payload control, and more, backed by military-grade data link and industrial components. Elevate your control capabilities today.

T21 hand-held ground control station is a portable industrial- grade ground computer station with an independent programmed dual SBUS design. T21 provides function suchas mission planning, attitude control, payload control, navigation & positioning, remote monitoring, etc.
Industrial-grade computer and military-grade data link ensure the safety and stability of the flight. Easy operation and trans portation.

Product Features

Industrial joysticks with hall effect IP rating industrial computer Dual auxiliary joysticks

Dual SBUS output

Each cha nnel programmable

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