SMARTNOBLE Satcom: Spaceborne Phased Array Antennas

SMARTNOBLE Satcom: Spaceborne Phased Array Antennas

In the ever-evolving realm of space communication, one technology is soaring above the rest: Spaceborne Phased Array Antennas. Smartnoble, a pioneer in aerospace innovation, introduces a new era of connectivity with these antennas, specifically engineered for X, Ku, and Ka-band communications.

Spaceborne Phased Array Antenna

Spaceborne Phased Array Antennas are developed for X, Ku, and Ka-band communication phased array antennas. The system uses a multi-beam phased array, with tile-based components for the X-band and brick-based components for the Ku and Ka-bands.

The X-band phased array antenna product is a circularly polarized, two-dimensional active antenna that uses polarization multiplexing technology to transmit data signals to the ground. It is suitable for small satellite platforms for ground data transmission. It was launched aboard our institute’s “Tianxiang- 1” experimental small satellite and has been operating normally for three years.

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