SMARTNOBLE'S Tracked Armored Recovery Vehicle

SMARTNOBLE'S Tracked Armored Recovery Vehicle

SMARTNOBLE'S Tracked  Armored  Recovery Vehicle

BZ-16  Tracked  Armored  Multi-Powered  Maintenance  Vehicle  is  modified  from  the  VP2. Mainly  in  service with  tank  companies/artillery  batteries  for  field  maintenance.

BZ-16  Tracked Armored Recovery Vehicle  is  modified  from  the  VP2. Mainly  in  service with  tank  companies/artillery  batteries  for  field  maintenance.

The vehicle is equipped with  1.1  ton  hydraulic hoist,high pressure air compressor unit, diesel generator set,water  purification  equipment,high  pressure  cleaning  equipment,lighting  equipment,air  injection  and liquid  injection  equipment,high-performance  starting  power  supply,charging  and  arc  welding  all-in-one machine and common maintenance machine tool and equipment Under the condition of field operation, it  can  perform  rapid  repair  and  maintenance  for  to  6-8  cannons(tanks),which  is  characterized  of high maneuverability, wide applicability,time-saving  and  high  efficiency.

1 、Equipment maintenance function,performs    mining,drilling,grinding  and cutting for  parts with the on-board  equipment; perform hoisting  and towing operation for damaged equipment; can provide  field lighting
2 、Field  water supply, power supply and air supply function, Provide  water, power and air for equipment maintenance in the field through high pressure air   compressor, diesel generator set, water purification equipment and other equipment
3 、Cleaning and maintenance function,Use submersible pump to collect surface water source from river or lake,filter via water purification equipment to supply water used for equipment maintenance,the water purification capacity is 500-2000 liters/hour. Use high pressure cleaning equipment to clean the equipment surface and borecleaning brushes.
4 、Body and barrel cleaning function, Can clean and   maintain 6-8 canons (tanks) at the same time, realizing   Various functions such as Surface cleaning degreasing, copper removal, cleaning and Oiling applicable to the body and barrel maintenance of canon  many size.
5.Equipped with 12.7mm machine gun for self defense
6.Highly mobile, can negotiate different terrains at higher speed. Capable of amphibious operations.
7. Steel armored hull can withstandmedium caliber bullets and shrapnel.
8. Air-cooled generator, simple auxiliary system increases reliability.

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