SMARTNOBLE's TL24 Connectors for Radio Audio Applications

SMARTNOBLE's TL24 Connectors for Radio Audio Applications

Explore the exceptional features and technical specifications of SMARTNOBLE's TL24 Connectors, designed to revolutionize connectivity in radio audio applications. Discover their compact size, quick push-pull functionality, and reliable resistance to environmental factors. With EM I/RFI shielding, these connectors ensure interference-free communication for thousands of radio stations. Operating in a wide temperature range and supporting up to 3A current and 400V(AC) voltage, TL24 Connectors provide versatility and performance. Their robust sealing system prevents water leaks, backed by IP68 waterproofing for enhanced protection. Rigorously tested for corrosion, vibration, and impact resistance, these connectors offer unparalleled durability and reliability. Elevate your connectivity experience with SMARTNOBLE's TL24 Connectors—your trusted solution for seamless and efficient radio audio connections.

SMARTNOBLE's TL24 Connectors are designed to transform the way you connect in radio audio applications. With their quick push-pull mechanism, these connectors offer ease of use in a small and aesthetically pleasing design. But their benefits go beyond appearance. These connectors boast exceptional resistance to various environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging settings.

Main features
口Quick push pull
口Easy to use, small size, beautiful appearance
口Good resistance to environment
口EM I/RFI shielding
口Mainly used for thousands of radio stations

Technical feature
口Work temperature : -55℃-+200℃
口Work pressure:4.39kPa·101.33kPa
口Impact :490m/s² transient interruption≤ 1µs
口Operating current: 3A(22#)
口Operating voltage:400V(AC)
口Plug insert with socket 2 hours no water leak
口Sealing: socket: differential pressure1.01 ✖105pa, 1min no bubble leak
口Relative humidity: 90%~95%(40±2℃)
口Vibration:10Hz-2000Hz, accelerated speed 147m/s²,Transient interruption≤1µs
口Salt spray corrosion test: 96h under 5% Nacl constant spray
口Mechanical life time:5000times
口Contact resistance 12.5MΩ
口Insulator resistance≥5000MΩ
口Waterproof level: comply IP68

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