SMARTNOBLE's T30 Universal Handheld GCS

SMARTNOBLE's T30 Universal Handheld GCS

SMARTNOBLE's T30 Universal Handheld GCS: Ultimate Control for UAV & UGV. Powered by an industrial-grade computer system, this portable ground control station integrates all-in-one video, data, and RC links. Equipped with a professional hand-held remote controller, it offers telemetry data, real-time video transmission, and remote control functions. With self-developed dual SBUS output and a high-performance i7 processor, it ensures seamless control of both drone and payload. Versatile and easy-to-use, T30 is your go-to solution for UAV and UGV operations.

SMARTNOBLE's T30 Universal Handheld GCS

T30 is a universal and portable ground control station, built on top of industrial-grade computer system. With built-in all one video&data&RC link, it is especially for individual operation in the field. A professional hand-held remote controller features 3 frequency modules in one, telemetry data and real-time video transmission as well as remote control function.

Self-developed dual SBUS output with every channel programmable enables T30 to control the drone and the payload simultaneously. The computer is developed with an i7 hrgh- performance processor based on the X86 architecture, which can greatly meet the computing requirementof any aicrart ta the ground station, and also supports video decoding and local recognition.

The system can be installed with LINUX or WINDOWS operating system.The T30 hand-held ground station is the versatile, well-proven,easy-to-use,protable device for remote control of the UAV, UGV and other remote-controlled vehicles.

Product Features Super CPU

23 physical channels

Mission planning

High brightness FHD touch screen Dual SBUS output

HID device input

Remote control of the drone and the payload simultaneously

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