SMARTNOBLE's SN-MC-CX/0.4A Fire Extinguisher

SMARTNOBLE's SN-MC-CX/0.4A Fire Extinguisher

Explore SMARTNOBLE's SN-MC-CX/0.4A Fire Extinguisher, a compact yet powerful solution for swift and efficient fire suppression. With a cutting-edge design and advanced features, this extinguisher delivers unparalleled protection for a range of applications. Trust SMARTNOBLE for precision protection.

SMARTNOBLE introduces the SN-MC-CX/0.4A Fire Extinguisher, a reliable and efficient solution for combating fires with precision. Engineered with advanced technology, this extinguisher is designed to deliver rapid response and maximum effectiveness.
Product IMIodel                                      DIN-INIC-CA/0.4A
Extinguishing Agent and Weight 0.4kg Fine Powder
Total Weight ≤3kg
Fire Extinguishing Efficiency 2m³

Internal Operating Pressure 4.2Mpa±0.1Mpa(25℃)
Annual Leak Rate at Operating
Pressure Inside the Cylinder
Pressure Switch Disconnect
Effective Discharge Time ≤5s
Activation Time ≤5ms
Minimum Ignition Current 0.6A
Remaining Agent Discharge Rate ≤5%
Operating Temperature(℃) -43~+105
Storage Temperature(℃) -55~+70

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