SMARTNOBLE'S Multi-function tracked fire fighting vehicle

SMARTNOBLE'S Multi-function tracked fire fighting vehicle

Multi-function tracked fire-fighting vehicle is mainly used for carrying firemen and equipment to the fire ground quickly. You can use the equipped fire control system to extinguish forest fires.

Multi-function tracked fire fighting vehicle

The good maneuverability gives the vehicle better all-terrain trafficability and higher speed.
Equipped with air cooling engine, it has a simple structure, good reliability and maintainability and a high performance cost ratio.
Equipped with a water fire extinguishing system(chemical fire extinguishing agentmay be used together), a high-lift moderate-flow forest fire pump and two multiple-diameter nozzles for point and continuous jet, it has a far range, high fire extinguishing efficiency and strong comprehensive fire-extinguishing ability. It is equipped with acertain number of hoses and light fire-fighting equipments.
In order to improve the performance or meet the specific requirements of the user, personnelized design can be performed.
Technical indicators:
Combat weight (t) 14.5
Crew(person) + Number of persons aboard 8
Length(m) 5.935
Width(m) 3.23
Height(m) 2.37
Maximum speed (km/h) 50
Range (km) 500

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