SMARTNOBLE's Meteorological Radar Antenna

SMARTNOBLE's Meteorological Radar Antenna

Learn about our cutting-edge S-band Doppler and C-band weather radar antennas that provide crucial data for weather prediction.
Weather forecasting and monitoring have come a long way, and at the forefront of this technological revolution are Smartnoble's Meteorological Radar Antennas. With over a decade of innovation, Smartnoble has developed a range of radar antennas that are changing the game in meteorology.

Meteorological Radar Antenna

Since 2008, Smartnoble has initiated the development of weather radar antenna systems, with the main products being:

A new generation of S-band Doppler weather radar antennas has been developed, including S-band 8.5m Doppler weather radar antennas. Over 200 sets have been produced, with more than 180 sets deployed domestically, and over 20 sets exported to countries including Romania, South Korea, and India. In addition, a C-band 8.5m dual-polarization weather radar antenna has also been developed.

C-band and X-band 4.5m weather radar antennas have been produced in a total of over 10 sets. These weather radar antennas are mainly deployed near airports to forecast weather conditions over airport airspace.

A series of small-caliber weather radar antenna products in the C-band and X-band, ranging from 1.0m to 3.2m, have been developed. These weather radar antennas include both fixed and vehicle- mounted antennas.

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