SMARTNOBLE's Maintenance Command Vehicle

SMARTNOBLE's Maintenance Command Vehicle

SMARTNOBLE's Maintenance Command Vehicle.
Engineered for mobility, versatility, and command excellence, this vehicle redefines maintenance operations on the battlefield. Explore the future of maintenance command capabilities with SMARTNOBLE.

Maintenance Command Vehicle

Modified from heavy multi-terrain chassis,the vehicle has a crew of 8.Command console is equiped with various command computers, communication equipment, GPS system, satellite communication, communication control, UHF radio, audio andvisual control, inter-vehicular communications and power supply. Provide excellent situational awareness of the battlefield.

l. Spacious air conditioned command center provide a comfortable environment for the crew.
2. Power generator and high capacity battery bank provide power for the entire vehicle.
3. Highly mobile, can negotiate different terrains at higher speed.
Technical indicators
Drive Type 6x6
Bearer (person) 8
Number of doors (fan) 2
Quality of preparationkg 16800
Maximum rated power(kw) 206/2200
Maximurm torque(N.m) 1160/1300-1600
Fuel type diesel
Transmission Type mechanical
Number of stalls first 8 after 1 with synchronizer
Brake system hydraulic
Suspension system Leaf spring
Driving system Hydraulic power steering
Air conditioning system (kw) 3
Off-road tires 12.00-20
Fire extinguishing system Portable fire extinguisher
Maximum wading depth(mm) ≤900
Communication system Ultrashort wave radio

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