SMARTNOBLE's JX-AC Series Connectors

SMARTNOBLE's JX-AC Series Connectors

Discover the cutting-edge AC power supply solution with SMARTNOBLE's JX-AC Series Connectors. Featuring a safety divider push-pull self-locking system and semicircular key double positioning for enhanced reliability against misinsertion, these connectors redefine AC power connection. The addition of a red identification ring further simplifies usage. Dive into the technical specifications, including voltage resistance, insert lifetime, and compliance with rigorous environmental tests. Explore the versatility of these connectors, ideal for various applications demanding robust and secure AC power connections.

In the realm of AC power supply, SMARTNOBLE introduces the JX-AC Series connectors—an exceptional solution designed to revolutionize reliable AC connectivity.

JX-AC series (AC power supply dedicated)
Main features
口Safety divider push-pull selflocking system
口Double positioning of semicircular 
key, more reliable against misinsertion
口With red identification ring

Technical feature
口Voltage resistance: 1000V (AC)
口Insert life time:5000 times
口Work temperature : -55℃-+200℃
口Relative humidity: 90%~95%(40±2℃)
口Impact :100g[6ms]
口Salt spray corrosion test: 96h under 5% Nacl constant spray
口Waterproof level: comply IP68

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