SMARTNOBLE's FX-USB3.0 Series Connectors

SMARTNOBLE's FX-USB3.0 Series Connectors

Dive into the realm of high-speed data transfer with SMARTNOBLE's innovative FX-USB3.0 Series connectors. These connectors boast a straight push-and-pull structure and quick push-pull five-key positioning, ensuring hassle-free connectivity. With a focus on compact design and high density, blind insertion becomes a breeze. Shielding, sealing, and environmental resistance are inherent in these connectors, making them resilient in diverse conditions. Their high plug life and lightweight build add to their appeal. Designed to meet the USB3.0 standard protocol, these connectors excel in high-speed signal transmission. Explore their technical attributes, including an impressive insert lifetime of 5000 times, a work temperature range from -55℃ to +200℃, and a differential transmission rate of 5Gbps. Additionally, these connectors undergo rigorous testing, including salt spray corrosion tests and IP68 waterproof compliance, ensuring durability and reliability.

In the world of rapid data exchange, SMARTNOBLE introduces the FX-USB3.0 Series connectors—a cutting-edge solution designed to redefine high-speed data transfer capabilities.

Main features
口Straight push-and-pull structure 
口Quick push pull five-key positioning
口High density, small volume, blind 
口Shielding, sealing, environmental 
resistance, high plug life, light weight 
口Can meet the USB3.0 standard protocol 
for high-speed signal transmission

Technical feature
口Insert life time:5000 times
口Work temperature : -55℃-+200℃
口Differential transmission rate:5Gbps
口Relative humidity: 90%~95%(40±2℃)
口Impact :100g[6ms]
口Salt spray corrosion test: 300h under 5% Nacl constant spray
口Waterproof level: comply IP68

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