SMARTNOBLE's Earth Station Antenna: Leading the Connectivity Revolution

SMARTNOBLE's Earth Station Antenna: Leading the Connectivity Revolution

In the realm of modern communication, the Satellite Communication Earth Station Antenna stands as a cornerstone of efficient and reliable data transmission. SMARTNOBLE proudly introduces a comprehensive range of these antennas, catering to various diameters and operational frequencies to meet diverse communication needs.

Satellite Communication Earth Station Antenna

 Diameter:4.5m, 5m, 6.2m, 7.3m, 9m, 11.3m, 12m, 13m, 15m, 16m, 18m
 Antenna type : Shaped Ring-focus/Cassegrain antenna
 Mount tpye : El over Az (Full-motion, Jack screw(EL)/Gear
drive(AZ), Limited)
 Operational frequency:L, S, C, Ku, Ka band etc. 

 Meet with FCC, INTELSAT, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, APTSAT, ITU and more Standard. 
 High efficiency, low sidelodes, low cross polarization discrimination
 Shaped ring-focus optics (4.5m~9m) & Shaped Cassegrain optics (11.3m~18m)
 High-strength aluminium panels and structural steel mount
 The hot-dipped galvanized steel back structure and mount, a white finish for all antenna surfaces
 Automatically pointing and tracking

 Az travel range: 360°(continuous)
 El travel range: 0~90°(continuous)
 Ku-band CP/LP 4-port feed options
 C-band CP/LP 4-port feed options
 Ka-band high precision reflector
 Ka-band CP/LP 4-port feed options
 LP motorized adjustment
 LP remote-control adjustment
 CP/LP remote-control switchable feed
 Cross-axis transmitting waveguide
 Waveguide loads and cross-waveguide couplers
 Platform and ladder
 Waveguide inflator
 De-icing
 Lightning protection
 Aircraft warning lights
 Heat-protection material and air conditioning in Hub
 Light and fan in Hub


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