SMARTNOBLE's Drone Command Vehicle

SMARTNOBLE's Drone Command Vehicle

Discover unparalleled control and precision in aerial operations with SMARTNOBLE's Drone Command Vehicle. Serving as the nerve center for UAV operations, this vehicle enables real-time control of UAVs and payload beyond visual range, along with seamless transmission of critical flight information. Experience advanced features for flight monitoring, mission load management, link status monitoring, and more, all from the convenience of the command console.

SMARTNOBLE introduces a game-changing solution in aerial operations with the state-of-the-art Drone Command Vehicle. This vehicle serves as the central command and control hub for the measurement and control system, offering real-time control of UAVs and their payloads outside the visual range.

Product Overview:
Uav command vehicle is the command and control center of the measurement and control system, which is used for the real-time control of UAV and payload outside the visual range, as well as the real-time transmission of UAV flight status information, flight parameters, mission payload data and link working status. The UAV command vehicle can realize flight monitoring, mission load monitoring and processing, link and system status monitoring, mission planning, track and data management, record analysis and playback and other functions through the console.

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