SMARTNOBLE's Coaxial / Coaxial Mixed Connectors

SMARTNOBLE's Coaxial / Coaxial Mixed Connectors

Delve into the world of SMARTNOBLE's cutting-edge Coaxial / Coaxial Mixed Connectors. With a safe plug-out self-locking system, flexible coaxial and triaxial configurations, and multi-bell positioning pin selection, these connectors offer unprecedented versatility and reliability. Learn how they support up to 10 coaxial cores, feature high-density installation for space-saving efficiency, and boast EMC shielding for superior performance. Discover how these connectors enhance connectivity solutions while ensuring waterproof protection with their IP68 rating.

SMARTNOBLE introduces the Coaxial / Coaxial Mixed Connectors, a breakthrough solution that opens the door to enhanced connectivity and performance across various applications. Dive into the features that make these connectors a game-changer in the world of connection solutions.

Main features
口Safe plug - out self - locking system
口Coaxial, triaxial and mixed needle core 
口Multi - bell positioning pin selection, to 
avoid intermixing between connectors
口Up to 10 coaxial cores
口High-density installation, saving space
口EMC Shielding
口Waterproof level: IP68

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