SMARTNOBLE's Advanced T40 GCS for Enhanced UAV and UGV Control

SMARTNOBLE's Advanced T40 GCS for Enhanced UAV and UGV Control

Explore SMARTNOBLE's Advanced T40 GCS for Enhanced UAV and UGV Control. This highly integrated ground control system features dual screens for a seamless user experience. With video and data transmission, remote control, and an industrial-grade computer in a compact design, the aviation-grade aluminum shell ensures durability at just 5.98kg. Precise control, customizable options, and seamless integration with third-party data links make the SMARTNOBLE T40 GCS an ideal choice for diverse applications. Elevate your control capabilities today.

The T40 GCS boasts a highly integrated system with dual screens, offering a seamless user experience. It combines essential features such as video transmission, data transmission, remote control, video display, and an industrial-grade computer, all within a compact and lightweight design. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell ensures durability while keeping the overall weight at a mere 5.98kg.

Equipped with four joysticks, our remote control system provides precise and intuitive control over unmanned vehicles. Additionally, it supports traditional RC access. The inclusion of HID USB and programmable switches, configurable through our software, offers enhanced customization options. Furthermore, the T40 GCS features various extermal input and outpu ports, facilitating seamless integration with third-party data links

The T40 GCS is especially well-suited for UAVs, UGVs, usVs, and similar applic ations. Its versatile functionality, combined with its lightweight and durable design, make it an ideal choice for professionals in defense, inspection of power and oil pipelines, monitoring and emergency re scue operations, public safety, and forestfire prevention, etc.

Product Features

Aviation grade aluminum shell, the overal weight only 5.98kg

Dual touch screens with high definition and brightness and

extended touch pad

Programmable channels, supporting traditional RC access

Add HID USB and programmable switches that can be set in the software Compatible with 100% data link in the market

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