SMARTNOBLE's 6-Axis 60L Oil-Powered UAV

SMARTNOBLE's 6-Axis 60L Oil-Powered UAV

The skies are evolving, and SMARTNOBLE is leading the way with their state-of-the-art 6-Axis 60L oil-powered UAV. This game-changing innovation is set to redefine aerial operations, from agriculture to surveillance. Let's dive into the remarkable features that make this UAV a true game-changer.

SMARTNOBLE's 6-Axis 60L Oil-Powered UAV
Technical Parameters

Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)2600mm
Size (mm)Folded :1400*1400*1450mm
Operation Power75v  
Remote controlH12
Propeller blade4848 inch
Product fuel consumption11l/h
Product power16kw
Endurance time90min
Tank volume35l
Fuel ratio40:1
Wind resistanceTake off and land safely at a temperature 8m/s
Hover accuracyVertical: ±0.5m Horizontal: ±1.5m
Maximum flight speed10m/s
Operating ambient temperature-1545℃(-15 to 45℃)
Fuel typeNo. 95 Unleaded Gasoline 2T Lube Oil (1:40)
engine340cc two-stroke piston engine
Maintenance time150h
Maximum take-off weight:126kg


标配功能Standard Configuration

  1. 姿态模式,
Attitude mode
  1. GPS 模式,
GPS mode
  1. 双水泵模式,
Two-pump mode
  1. 保护模式(返航,降落,悬停),
Protection mode (return, landing, hover)
  1. AB点作业,全自主模式,
AB job, fully autonomous mode
  1. 失控继续作业,断药保护功能,震动保护功能,丢星保护功能,
Out-of-control continue operation, drug break protection function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function,
  1. 仿地雷达模块:穿透性强(含雾烟尘小雨)不受光线影响,抗干扰能力强
Imitation mine-radar module: strong penetration (including fog smoke light rain) is not affected by light, strong anti-interference ability
  1. 环境适用性好,性能稳定,探测距离15 m.
Good environmental applicability, stable performance, detection distance of 15 m.


选配功能Enhance Configuration(Pls PM for more info)

Ascent or Descent according to Terrain Imitative Earth.
Obstacle avoidance Function, Surrounding Obstacles detection.
  1. RTK精准定位功能,实现厘米级精准定位
RTK Precise Positioning.
  1. 光电吊舱
Photoelectric pod
  1. 数据链
Data link
  1. 跟踪天线
Tracking antenna

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