SMARTNOBLE's Mechatronics Integrated Products

SMARTNOBLE's Mechatronics Integrated Products

In the realm of innovation and technology, SMARTNOBLE's Mechatronics Integrated Products stand as a testament to the power of multidisciplinary research and development. These products have evolved through in-depth studies in various fields, resulting in groundbreaking achievements and national recognition. 

Mechatronics Integrated Product

The research and development of mechatronics integrated products involve in-depth studies in various fields, including flexible parallel drive technology, high- precision wheel-track turntable technology, multivariable integrated optimization design technology for large-span
statically determinate truss structures, dynamics and control technology under flexible constraints, and high- efficiency electromagnetic shielding design technology. Simultaneously, a focus on real user needs and solving practical problems has led to remarkable achievements in recent years in areas such as the FAST project feed cabin, large domes, large wheel-track turntables, and a certain large aircraft testing platform. These accomplishments have resulted in receiving the Second and Third Prizes for Technological Advancement in Hebei Province, the Second Prize for Technological Advancement in the Group Corporation, and the Outstanding Award in the National Defense and Telecommunications Industry.

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