Revolutionizing Communication with Vehicle-Mounted Phased Array Antennas

Revolutionizing Communication with Vehicle-Mounted Phased Array Antennas

At Smartnoble, we've harnessed cutting-edge technology to develop Vehicle-Mounted Phased Array Antennas that operate in both the Ka and Ku-band frequencies. These antennas boast a brick-type analog array design, which offers a unique set of advantages: a low profile, high gain, rapid scanning capabilities, and unmatched reliability.

Vehicle-mounted Phased Array Antenna

Vehicle-mounted Phased Array Antennas have been developed for Ka and Ku-band communication phased array antennas. The system utilizes a brick-type analog array, characterized by low profile, high gain, fast scanning, and high reliability.

The Ku-band phased array antenna employs a one- dimensional active array with co-planar design, while the Ka-band phased array antenna utilizes a two-dimensional active array with separate transmit and receive design. Both antennas operate in continuous wave mode, providing wide beam coverage. They are designed with an integrated approach, incorporating the antenna, RF circuitry, power supply, wave control, cooling, and other components into a unified system.

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