Perfluoro FK5112 | Novec1230 Alternative Fire Extinguisher

Perfluoro FK5112 | Novec1230 Alternative Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher
Chemical Code
Chemical Formula:C6F12O
Alternative :NOVEC1230
ISO9001: 2015 Certified

Aviation Grade

Fire Extinguisher General Introduction
At normal temperature, Perfluoro is a type of colorless,clear, odorless, and insulating liquid ecological clean extinguishing agent.
The extinguishing agent is accepted by USA fire protection industry and environmental protection agency, and it was at first commercially popularized from September 2001,and then registered and used in developed countries andregions such
as Northern America,Europe,Australia,Japan and Korea. Meanwhile,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Halon Substitute Department approves to use the said extinguishing agent in the fire protection for the person-residing places.

1. Environmental friendly: Its ozone depletion potential is 0 (ODP=0), atmospheric residual duration is 3-5 days, and global warming potential (GWP) < 1.The environmental harmonic properties of the product meet the requirements of the international strictest environmental protection code.
2. Low extinguishing concentration: Its extinguishing concentration is low (4.5~5.8%), 10% lower than NOAEL (No Observe Adverse Effect Level), and it has high security and low toxicity.
3. Good insulating property: It will not damage the precise equipment.
4. Freedom of residue after use: It will not damage the paper document, cultural relics and antique.
5. Simple filling and transportation: At normal temperature, it is a liquid and it is not subjected to safety restriction which is usually involved during transportation process of gaseous extinguishing agent. It can be easily filled and its filling process generates no high-pressure leakage risk.

Use safty
1.Perfluoro has the excellent extinguishing performance and its extinguishing concentration for Type A fire and Type B fire is 3.5% and 4.5% respectively, which is much equivalent to that of Halon extinguishing agent and is much lower than that of other hydrofluorocarbon type Halon substitutes. Perfluoro extinguishing agent can put out Type A, B, and C fire, is non-conductive, and
after injection fast evaporates without any residual.
2.Perfluoro clean extinguishing agent has extremely low toxicity, its extinguishing concentration is much lower than NOAEL value and thus it has much high safety.

3.The perfluoro extinguishing agent is characterized by the high extinguishing efficiency, good insulating property, good transportation performance, low storage gas pressure, freedom of corrosion, and low toxicity, and it eliminates the issues on global 
warming potential which are usually involved in hydrofluorocarbon type extinguishing agents, and can substitute Halon and hydrofluorocarbon type extinguishing agents. Hence it will become a new generation of long-usable green ecological extinguishing agent, and it generates good social effects and has wide market prospects.
Product Name Perfluoro-2-methyl-3-pentanone Trade Name  Novec1230 equivalent

Chemical Formula


Structural Formula

Chemical Code FK-5-1-12 CAS No 756-13-8 HS Code 2917090090
Product Appearance colorless, transparent and insulating liquid

Fire extinguishing agent , Cleaning agent,Solvent, Combustion agent
Quantity Specification
Purtity(%) 99.9 Water Content/ppm ≤10

Acidity(as HCl)/ppm
≤3 Non-volatile Residue(%) ≤0.01
Suspended matter or sediment NONE  
Physical Properties
Molecular Mass 316.04 Liquid Viscosity@25(cp) 0.524
Boiling Point at 1013bar() 49.2 Solubility of water in
Freezing Point(℃) -108.0 Specific Heatliquid@25(kj/kg ) 1.013
Critical Temperature(℃) 168.7 Liquid Density(25)(g/ml) 1.60
Critical Pressure(bar) 18.65 Vapour Pressure(25)(bar) 0.404
Critical Density(g/m3) 639.1 Dielectric Strength(kv ) 110kv
Heat of Vaporization at boiling point(kj/kg) 88.0  
Appication Range
Currently, this product is widely used as an extinguishing agent in fire protection field.In addition, perfluoro can be used as the cleaning agent for high-end electronic products and the solvent and can substitute SF6 as the smelting protection gas for light metals such as magnesium.
Standard weight of each drum is 250 KG.4 drums consist of a pallet fixed with film. Weight customized available. 


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