Military Battery Pack high power

Military Battery Pack high power

Military Battery Packs, High Power Battery Packs, Armored Vehicles Battery, Radar Battery,
Defence Battery, Weapon Battery, Missile Battery, etc.

Military Battery Packs Solution:
Military Battery pack technical requirements
No. Project Criteria Data Remarks
1 Nominal Voltage 600V  
2 Highest voltage 700V  
3 Costant Discharge Current ≥100A  
4 Continuous Charging Current ≥100A  
5 Maximum discharge current ≥300A,≥10s voltage
6 Maximum charging current ≥300A,≥10s voltage
7  Continuous Discharge Current In -43℃ ≥40A  
8 Continuous charging Current In -43℃ ≥40A  
9 Working Temperature  -43℃-80℃ 80℃Work 3s
10 Charging and Discharge Cycle 15000 Times  
11 Weight 260kg  
12 protection Level IP67  

Safety consist of

Short Circuit  
Over Charging  
Over discharge  

Cells Safety  

Short Circuit  
Over Charging  
Spec.of Battery Packs and Custom Services Available.

The battery management system(BMS) are  developed by the company, product with own software, hardware, and structural  are
designed in accordance with automotive standards. Carry out key design and testing on system function self-check, high and low
voltage withstand voltage, protection level, redundancy backup and anti-abuse. To escort the reliability and safety of the energy supply
system and contribute to the development of green energy.

BMS Function Description:
1.Support 16 series single batttery voltage monitoring.
2.Support 16 channels NTC temperature dection.
3. Support 2 channel relay Control and 4 channels digital singnal input detection.
4. Support 1 CAN communication interface and 1 RS485 communicatiobn interface.
5.Supporting active balance with adopting Gote's dual-way active balance TM technology, which can 
perform dual-way charge and discharge balance for 2 single cells in the battery pack, thereby effectively
improving battery consistency and extending battery life.
6.Supporting Bootloader upgrade, and solid upgrade can be done online through CAN bus.
7.Supporting correction low power consuption mode, the latent current in low power consumption mode
can be reduced to 10uA or lower.

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