Infrared detectors with band-pass filter

Infrared detectors with band-pass filter

Infrared detectors with band-pass filter (3.3 µm, 3.9 µm, 4.26 µm, 4.45 µm)
These are InAsSb photovoltaic detectors that use a band-pass filter for the window. Types using a band-pass filter with a center wavelength of 3.3 μm, 3.9 μm, or 4.26 μm are suitable for gas measurement, and a type using a band-pass filter of 4.45 μm is suitable for flame monitoring. These are environmentally friendly infrared detectors and do not use lead, mercury, or cadmium, which are substances restricted by the RoHS Directive. They are replacements for conventional products containing these substances. A two-element type that can detect two wavelength is also available.

Infrared detector

(1)High sensitivityHigh-speed response
(2)High shunt resistance
(3)Compact, surface mount ceramic package
(4)Compatible with lead-free solder reflow (ceramic package)

(1)Gas measurement (CH4, CO2)
(2)Flame monitors (CO2 resonance radiation)
Option (sold separately)
Amplifier for infrared detector

Type no Window material*1 Package Cooling Photosensitive area(mm) Field of view FOV (degrees)
P13243-033CF BPF (3.3 µm) Ceramic Non-cooled 0.7 × 0.7 90
P13243-033MF BPF (3.3 µm TO-46 82
P13243-039CF P13243-039CF Ceramic 90
P13243-039MF BPF (3.9 µm) TO-46 82
P13243-043CF BPF (4.26 µm) Ceramic 90
P13243-043MF BPF (4.26 µm) TO-46 82
P13243-045CF BPF (4.45 µm) Ceramic 90
P13243-045MF BPF (4.45 µm) TO-46 82
P13243-015CF BPF (3.3 µm) Ceramic 90  
BPF (3.9 µm)
P13243-016CF BPF (4.26 µm)
BPF (3.9 µm)
*1: BPF: Band-pass filter

Absolute maximum ratings
Type no Reverse voltage VR(V) Operating temperatureTopr*2 (℃) Storage temperatureTstg*2 (℃) Incident light level(W/cm2) Soldering temperatureTsol(℃)
P13243-033CF 1 -40 to +85 -40 to +85 1 240 (once)*3
P13243-033MF -
P13243-039CF 240 (once)*3
P13243-039MF -
P13243-043CF 240 (once)*3
P13243-043MF -
P13243-045CF 240 (once)*3
P13243-045MF -
240 (once)*3
*2: No dew condensation When there is a temperature difference between a product and the surrounding area in high humidity environments, dew condensation may occur on the product surface. Dew condensation may cause deterioration in characteristics and reliability.
*3: Reflow soldering, JEDEC J-STD-020 MSL 2, see P.5Note: Exceeding the absolute maximum ratings even momentarily may cause a drop in product quality. Always be sure to use the product within the absolute maximum ratings.

Electrical and optical characteristics (Typ. Ta=25 °C unless otherwise noted)

*4: Uniform irradiation on the entire photosensitive area
*5: V=0 V, RL=50 Ω, 10 to 90%, λ=1.55 μm
*6: VR=0 V, f=1 MHzNote: Uniform irradiation must be applied to the entire photosensitive area during use.

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