Flame detection fiber

Flame detection fiber

Operational Principles | Flame detection fiber
Flame detection fiber is an integral part of flame detector. Flame detector is a device mainly used in combustion boiler for real-time monitoring on the combustion process of boiler, to ensure the normal internal combustion of boiler.

Details | Flame detection fiber

Type of quartz optical Silicon-Silicon
Diameter of single fiber(μm) 200
Length(m) Customize
Diameter of spot(mm) Customize
Transmission spectrum(nm) 200~1100/350~1700
Numerical aperture(NA) 0.22/0.37
Transmittance of bundle ≥65%(632.8nm)
Branch Structures 1-in-1out/1-in-multiple-out/multiple-in-1-out/multiple-in-multiple-out
Output form Circle
End connection type Weld
End structure Customize

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