Fabric Over Foam Gaskets, FOF Gaskets, Oring Gaskets, Conductive Silicon Rubber Strips

Fabric Over Foam Gaskets, FOF Gaskets, Oring Gaskets, Conductive Silicon Rubber Strips

Smartnoble Inc EMC/EMI Section has been dedicated in providing the absorbers and EMI shielding materials,
FOF gasket and conductive nickle coated graphite powder used to conductive materials and coatings,etc.
Field Application:
Featured Parts:
Foam and rubber mirowave absorbers
Conductive Silicone Rubber EMI/RFI shielding materials
Conductive nickle coated graphite

(FOF gasket)Major Performance
Product Performance Test Standard Specfication
Shielding Efficiency(dB)
(200MHz ~ 10GHz)
Mil-DTL-83528C >90
Surface Resistivity Ω /cm² ASTM-F390
Compression Permanent Deformation ASTM D395
5% ~ 15%
Min.Working Temp (°C)   -40
Max.Working Temp (°C)   70
ROHS Compliant   YES
FR UL94   HB, V0

EMI materials-conductive rubber elastomer performance characteristics:
1. Silver plated glass (AG / GL): The best price-performance for communications and general military occasions
2. Silve plated aluminum r (AG / AL): High EMI shielding efficiency, electrochemical compatible with aluminum cabinet,
the best environmental performance of the anti-salt, the smallest electro-chemical corrosion, and light weight.
3. Silver plated copper (AG / CU): The best conductivity, can be resistant to emp impact, apply to military situations,
can be used as waveguide and connector pads.
4. Carbon black (c): To provide a high sealed shielding and secure environmental sealing, maintain physical and electrical
properties at very wide temperature range, the most suitable for electrostatic discharge, or corona discharge.
5. Silver (AG): Anti- mildew, can be applied to in the conditions of preventing microbial growth
6. Nickel-plated graphite (NI / C): Lower prices, and chemical compatibility with aluminum-electricity well, high electrical conductivity,
broadband shielding and environmental sealing, suitable for general military.

EMI shielding material applicable:
Alternative to the traditional rubber, conductive silicone rubber products proved through practice in the aviation, aerospace,
ships and other military electronic equipment widely used in both environment and electromagnetic sealing sealing.
1. Medium and small military electronics cabinet, chassis and microwave waveguide systems;
2. Aerospace, aviation, ships and other military shelter and military electronic equipment;
3. Electronic products (such as computer chassis, mobile phone), telecommunications, high-frequency control equipment, etc.;
4. Electric power, railways and other electronic equipment, a poor environment.
Smartnoble EMI shielding elastomer material is available in sheet form. We are able to meet most requirements
with the standard sizes and thicknesses shown in table 1. For sizes not shown, contact Smartnoble sales department.


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