Exploring SMARTNOBLE's Wide-Spectrum Photoelectric Detector Technology

Exploring SMARTNOBLE's Wide-Spectrum Photoelectric Detector Technology

Discover the advanced Wide-Spectrum Photoelectric Detector from SMARTNOBLE, tailored for precise optical axis assessment and imaging performance analysis across various systems. Explore its versatile capabilities and enhance your optical analysis today.

SMARTNOBLE presents the Wide-Spectrum Photoelectric Detector—a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize optical analysis. This sophisticated instrument operates on a reflective optical path, making it perfectly suited for assessing optical axis consistency and analyzing imaging performance across diverse photoelectric imaging systems, including multispectral and broad-spectrum systems.

The Wide-Spectrum Photoelectric Detector boasts a range of remarkable capabilities:
- Detecting optical axes within infrared, visible, laser, and other channels of shipborne optoelectronic platforms.
- Ensuring optical axis parallelism among infrared, visible light, and laser systems within Carrier-based aircraft pods.
- Validating resolution for visible light and infrared equipment.
- Evaluating resolution performance in low-light conditions, including scenarios involving low-light observation mirrors.
- Measuring energy levels and beam divergence angles of laser equipment like laser rangefinders and air-to-air commander mirrors.

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