Explore SMARTNOBLE's V21 All-in-One Data Link for Seamless Connectivity

Explore SMARTNOBLE's V21 All-in-One Data Link for Seamless Connectivity

 Discover the cutting-edge V21 All-in-One Data Link by SMARTNOBLE, featuring advanced OFDM and MIMO technology. This versatile solution allows the simultaneous transmission of 1 channel of serial port data, 1 channel of LAN port data, and 2*SBUS control signals. With integrated RF modules in the 800M, 1.4G, and 2.4G frequency bands, the frequency can be easily adjusted using software. Experience transparent transmission, user-defined encryption, and interference avoidance, making data link connectivity efficient and secure. Explore the future of seamless data communication with SMARTNOBLE's V21.

SMARTNOBLE's V21 All-in-One Data Link for Seamless Connectivity

V21 is an all in one link , adopting OFDM and MIMO technology. It can transmit 1 channel serial port data, 1 channel LAN port data and 2*SBUS control signal.
RF modules of 800M, 14G, 2.4G frequency bands are integrated into one product, the frequency can be modified in the software. Transparent transmission. Withweb configuration, V21 is of easy operation.

Product Features

Transparent network transmission, able to transmit images, compatible withall network protocols;
Transparent data transmission, support TTL/RS232 levet;
Double S-BUS input and output, remote extended range is extended. Support H264 265 input video encoding format.
Bandwidth:30MHz max
The transmission latency from the node to the center node <= 60ms
Support 800MHz, 1.4GHz and 2.4GHz frequency band;
Security: access authentication module, to prevent illegal access. Support user-defined encryption;
By spectrum scanning avoid interference;
Support in frequency hopping to reduce interference.

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