Enhance Connectivity with SMARTNOBLE's VM21 Broadband Data Transmission Module

Enhance Connectivity with SMARTNOBLE's VM21 Broadband Data Transmission Module

Experience reliable and seamless data links with SMARTNOBLE's VM21 Broadband Data Transmission Module. Supporting MESH networking and LTE wireless standards, this module uses OFDM and MIMO technologies for efficient transmission of remote control and image data. Operating in multiple frequency bands, VM21 offers low latency, long range, and strong anti-interference capabilities.

The VM21is a broadbanddatatrans mission modulethat supporls MESH nelworking Thisproduct is based onthe LTE wireless communication standardandutilizesOFDM and MIMO technologies for wireless digital data links.

lt can simultaneously transmits ignals forremote control data transmis sion,and imagetransmission.Itaddresses the challenges of limited transmissiondistance for remote control signals and lower image transmission quality.

With the a bility to operateinthe 800MHz1.4GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands,the VM21provides flexibility and versatilityto suit various deploymentscenarios and userpreferences.ltsfeaturesmakeitanidealsolutionfor applications wherereliable wireless Ethernetconnectivity and high-qualitydala transmission are required.

Product Features

Support mesh network, 32 nodes max
The total transmission bandwidth 30Mbps Single-hop transmission distance 10km
Support 800MHz, 1.4GHz, 2.4GHz
Low latency, long range, strong anti-interference

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