China Satcom Antenna, Military Satcom Antenna

China Satcom Antenna, Military Satcom Antenna

Smartnoble 3.7M Flyaway Millitary Satcom Antenna.
Smartnoble is a top designer and manufacturer in China.

China satcom antenna: Smartnoble 3.7M Flyaway Millitary Satcom Antenna for multi-band transmission on military satellites.
Ultra high gain: SN370 Mil-STD antenna is a compact ultra high gain antenna which can be quickly deployed without tools 
High quality: Smartnoble has a powerful team of designing Satcom antenna, with high precision manufacturing equipment
and process to ensure the excellent dishes with amazing surface accuracy.
Multi-bands: C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka band frequencies.
Intelligent: it can automatically acquire and track, even on inclined orbit satellites, comfortably meeting WGS tracking specifications.

Antenna Type: circular, axially symmetric with centre hub plus eighteen petals
Diameter: 3.7meters
Configuration: Prime focus
Polarisation: Linear, orthogonal transmit&receive.
Cross Polarisation: -35dB within the -1dB co-polar contour (linear)
Port-to-port isolation: 40dB(Linear)

                               Transmit Bands 

SN370/60    5.85 to 7.025GHz
SN370/70 7.9 to 8.4 GHz
SN370/140  12.75 to 14.5GHz
SN370/180  17.3 to 18.4GHz
SN370/300  27.5 to 31GHz
3dB Beamwidth <1.0º at 5.85GHz
Transmit Power 1.5kw max.
Off Axis Transmit Gain <29-25 logθ dBi
VSWR 1:3::1
Transmit Gain
SN370/60    45.5dBi mid-band
SN370/70 46.7dBi mid-band
SN370/140  52.5dBi mid-band
SN370/180  55.0dBi mid-band
SN370/300  58.4dBi mid-band
Receive Bands  
SN370/60    3.4 to 4.2 Ghz
SN370/70 7.25 to 7.75GHz
SN370/140  10.7 to 12.75GHz
SN370/180  10.7 to 12.75GHz
SN370/300  17.7 to 22.2GHz
Receive Gain  
SN370/60    40.5dBi mid-band
SN370/70 46.2dBi mid-band
SN370/140  50.5dBi mid-band
SN370/180  50.5dBi mid-band
SN370/300  54.8dBi mid-band
Power Requirement 90v to 264v AC power Supply(option), +24V DC (option)
Temperature -40 to +80ºC-transportation&storage
-20 to +60ºC-Operational
Humidity 100%
wind Rating Operational 60km/h with gusts to 72km/h  Survival 121km/h
Elevation Adjustment 0 to 90º
Azimuth Adjustment +/-60º
Polarisation Adjustment +/-95º
Packed size/Weight Box1    1.23x1.23x0.55m    77kgs
Box2    1.23x1.23x0.55m    77kgs
Box3    1.23x1.23x0.55m    107kgs
Box4    1.23x1.23x0.5m      118kgs
Box5    1.23x1.23x0.5m      83kgs

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